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Organic Lavender Wine Ingredient Pack
$16.99 - $27.99

Lavender wine is light, a little floral and with a hint of citrus, it’s so much fun to discover. Some would incorrectly assume that it tastes like soap, but nope, when made correctly and properly balanced, it’s a unique gem that’s hard to find but often sought.

What a beautiful thing to be able to make your own natural and organic lavender wine as dry or sweet as you like and balanced perfectly to make it a delicious and young easy drinker.

Our ingredient kit includes everything you need to make a gallon of delicious lavender wine with a beautiful purple hue. Just add a little unrefined pure can sugar ( or honey) and water.

Winemaking equipment/kit is required to make lavender wine

Lavender flowers
Other edible flowers
White wine yeast
Straining bag
Other natural ingredients

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