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Mad Flavas - 100% Juice Concentrate
$23.99 - $25.99

If you've made wine at our winemaking studio, chances are you have an empty jug sitting around now that the delicious wine is all gone. After attending our fun winemaking experience, you know how easy it is make wine from 100% juice concentrate. Well listen, we have Mad Flavas! So all you need to do is refill your empty jug with one of the flavas from our list below, add water, sugar, yeast, a little patience and you're only weeks away from your next gallon (or half) of amazing wine!

Our delicious refill kits come with 100% fruit concentrates and also include a vial of yeast, cleaner and sanitizer. If you would like to add alcohol reading equipment to your order select VINO'S CHICK HYDROMETER AND WINE THIEF BUNDLE from the Winemaking Kits category.

**To choose your own blend of 2 Mad Flavas select the option below then use the Notes/Instructions field at checkout to let us know your chosen Flavas!

Fruit concentrate for 1 gallon of wine

**If you have a half gallon jug, these concentrates are good for one gallon total, so you will need to divide the concentrate in half for each half gallon of wine.

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